Credulity Quotes & Sayings

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Credulity is the tendency to believe something too readily. This kind of behavior is not only undesirable but dangerous too. When you tend to believe something with no evidence or against evidence, you easily get carried through. Charles lamb says, “Credulity is the man’s weakness but the child’s strength”. Innocence is another form of credulity but it should not be too far so that people take a ride on you. The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity. But there are people who argue that if credulity is present there will not be any trouble and the life will be too smooth. This argument is not a healthy one and credulity will only lead to more and more troubles. So, be wise against credulity and be aware of all the wrong doings. May be credulity will gain significance only in love because love is blind and have no reasons or seasons. Edmund Burke said “between craft and credulity, the voice of reason is stifled”. Be strong in mind and give no credence to credulity



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