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Merit is the worth or value of a person or an action. When we do an action, we have to weigh the merits and pros of it, before we proceed. This would help to avoid a lot of confusion and repercussions. Any person is not adjudged by his or her outer looks but by the actions and intentions. As Alexander Pope said “charm strikes the sight but merit wins the soul. So, it is vital to win the heart rather than the eyes”. Another hurdle that stands in the way of merit is speaking too many unnecessary words. “Speak little and well if you wish to be esteemed a person of merit” is a French proverb. It may sometimes happen that we will not be praised profusely or rewarded for our merits but it certainly will make an impression in the minds of others so deep that it will be acknowledged one day. So, here are quotes on merit which are thought provoking and interesting to read. Share them with others


Hermann J Steinherr

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