Cynicism Quotes & Sayings

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Cynicism means considering someone else's motives and intentions to be entirely selfish. Cynicism is full of naive disappointments. Any person who is a cynic, doubts the motives of others, always raises doubt or suspicion regarding any situation or thing. He is a subject of dislike and ridicule in the society. The society does not entertain cynic people. Cynicism kills optimism and positive thought. A cynic never acknowledges and appreciates the help that others provide him. He views that help with an eye of suspicion. Cynicism is hence considered as the intellectual's cripple for intelligence. In the words of Sandra Bernard, "Anything that has cynicism to it and that is faded is smutty." Cynical tone of people is never good to hear. It sounds unpleasant and harsh to the ear. A cynic is never viewed positively by the members of society, who treat him with disgust.


Malika E Nura

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