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Dignity is a quality which makes someone worthy of respect. It is completely an individual's job to keep his dignity intact, so that he is revered and considered as a respectable member of the society. Possessing virtues, staying away from vices and playing it cool, even in adverse circumstances, are the possible traits of dignified people. Dignified people command and demand respect from the society. James Atlas once remarked, “A penumbra of sombre dignity has descended over his reputation.” He had someone in his mind, when he spoke these words. Maintaining your own dignity is extremely vital for you to be considered respect-worthy in the society. Always stick to moral and ethics and don't indulge in any wrong acts. Preserving dignity is vital for females, both before and after marriage. For a girl or woman, honour always comes once. If honour and dignity are lost once, they are lost forever. So, always act well on your part and maintain your dignity.


DrAnil Kumar Sinha

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