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A reverie suggests a state of being pleasantly lost in thoughts or daydream. People slip into a reverie which makes them think of all the good things, in a dreamy state. Paintings, photographs etc. are silent memories which often trigger reflection, retrospection and reverie. When your mind thinks or is involved in thought, it is involved in labour or activity. When the mind is in a state of reverie, it feels pleasure. So, reverie is pleasure for the mind and thought is the exercise for the mind. One enters the state of reverie, when one is either extremely happy or unhappy. Reverie is the also the term used to describe an instrumental piece suggesting a dreamy or amusing state. Herman Hesse had once remarked, “It was still quiet in the house, and not a sound was heard from outside, either. Were it not for this silence, my reverie would probably have been disrupted by reminders of daily duties, of getting up and going to school.”


Jhiess Krieg

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