Being Tired Quotes & Sayings

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Being tired is similar to being fatigued. You become tired when you work round the clock and have a jam-packed or so-called hectic work schedule. After working for several hours at a stretch, your body tends to get tired and needs some rest or relaxation. Both kinds of work are tiring whether mental or physical. All that you need to do is follow up work with some rest and relaxation so as to kill your fatigue. Busy people are bound to get tired. Players or sportspersons who are playing throughout the year complain of being tired by consecutive trips and travel. Travelling is something which also causes fatigue and makes you crib about being tired. Being tired cannot be avoided, especially if you are a working person. So, you ought to know the ways and means of dealing with fatigue and several means of rejuvenation. In the words of Richard Armour, “Retired is being tired twice, I've thought, first tired of working, then tired of not.”



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