Thinking Of Him Quotes & Sayings

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The above expression is the condition when a girl/woman thinks of the special someone in her life. People whom we love unconditionally reside in our thoughts day in day out. We always think of them be what may. She always has thoughts about him in her mind. She thinks about him, his work, family, friends and what not. This phenomenon is inexplicable and exists because of the bond that she shares with him. She is often lost in his thoughts and her imagination is totally captivated by him. She likes to discuss him with her own friends and colleagues. She can go on talking and thinking of him endlessly. Such is the love she bears for him. She might well be too engrossed in her work but always thinks of him involuntarily. He resides in her mind. In the word of Paris Hilton, “I was staring on my cell phone and wondering what is the best word to express how I feel for him but I couldn’t find one because he had occupied my mind all the time...all that I know is, I am thinking of him.”



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