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“It is over” is something that we say when one cannot stand a relationship anymore and thinks to call it quits. All these words are said when one is planning to go for a break-up. A relationship cannot continue anymore when both the partners feel that they don’t see a future together. There are several misunderstandings, fights and issues which lead to a break-up. Break-up is not easy to deal with. The partner who was always serious about the relationship finds it extremely difficult to get over a broken relationship. On the other hand, the one who “calls it quits”, gets over the relationship easily. This stage of break-up comes when both the partners start having different priorities and start going in different directions. The mutual trust, faith and understanding no longer persists and either of the partners or both can no longer take the pain and tensions arising from fights that become a regular feature of their conversations and meetings. In the words of C.L.R. James, “It is over one hundred years since the abolition of slavery. The Negro people in the United States have taken plenty and they have reached a stage where they have decided that they are not going to take any more.”


Gunnar Ardelius

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