Unrequited Love Quotes & Sayings

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Unrequited love is one-sided love. Unrequited love is defined as the love which is not reciprocated or returned back in kind. It is not possible that someone whom we like or fall for will reciprocate back in the same way. Like any other kind of love, unrequited love also begins with attraction for the person of the opposite sex. There is nothing better than finding love in someone who reciprocates back with equal attention and love. People often say that unrequited love has a short life and eventually fades with time. You cannot keep lurking in the memories of some person who just not want a relationship with you for some or the other reason. You have to move on and accept the fact. Sooner or later, you will surely find someone who reciprocates back with love and is willing to be yours. Love is something that happens at the right time to each one of us.


Sonya Parker

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