Coping Quotes & Sayings

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Coping means to deal with some situation and to face it bravely. Coping with an adverse situation is important to overcome it and move on. Coping with a situation requires you to hold yourself and be brave. Winners never quit and quitters never win. It is essential to hold your nerves, stay strong, and keep yourself calm when facing a dilemma or a conflicting situation. Coping valiantly with an adversity is a great way to accumulate good fortune. By being brave and strong, one can overcome any adverse situation. Losers give up when the chips are down and become miserable instead of coping with the situation. Coping with adversities is required to become stronger and it is the time to show strength of character and show mental fortitude. So one must learn to cope with a situation and face it. Running away is extremely cowardly and not at all a solution.


Hermann J Steinherr

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