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Ex-boyfriend is the term used to describe a girl’s former boyfriend with whom she was previously in a relationship with. The relationship might have gone kaput because of umpteen reasons. In any relationship, one always does a great amount of emotional investment. So, whenever a relationship ends, it is difficult for both the guy and girl to deal with trauma of a break-up if they were serious for each other. So, to resolve this, ex’s always part on mutual terms and lose touch with each other so as to get over each other as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. It is good to let bygones be bygones and turn over a new leaf. That can only be done when you completely give up on your past relationship and move on in life. In the words of Willa Ford, “It's a mood record. Like one night you're going to be down in the dumps depressed because you're thinking about your ex-boyfriend and the next moment you're going to be like screw him you know? And the next one you're saying to yourself "God I'm in love."



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