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Crying is a negative emotion, which causes more sadness and makes you feel miserable. It is often said that it is the weak people who resort to crying and fail to stay happy when the chips are down. However, crying is a negative activity, which only reaps negative situations. Crying to vent out your frustration is healthy at times. Nevertheless, there are people who cry over trivial matters and succumb to tears whenever they face any challenges in life. Such people can never grow and can never be classified in the category of "brave" people. Crying is the last resort of the weak and the incompetent, which makes them all the more vulnerable and miserable. It is important that one does not resort to crying when stuck in a hapless situation or overcome with adversities. Rather, one should face challenges head on in life and must be eager to learn from them and move on. Facing challenges bravely is the hallmark of a "courageous" person.


Hermann J Steinherr

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