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To never give up can be defined as one’s ability to not at any time, even in times of supreme difficulty, to stop going. An attitude that enables someone to never give up is an attitude that we should all seek to have. To never give up means to look failure in the eye and tell it that you are coming for a rematch and that you will not settle until you win. To never give up is to be smart, to gain as much knowledge as possible about yourself, and about life, and to be confident enough to use this wisdom in order to achieve the things in your heart in which you are passionate about. To never give up sometimes means that a man’s ego and pride must be put aside in order to keep moving forward. To never give up is a hard thing to do, it is very easy to say, but in order to be able to put this in action, one must be willing to risk losing everything.


Nelsons Mandela

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