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An amazing life is a joyful and happy life. Making one’s life amazing, meaningful, and purposeful completely lies in the hands of an individual. Achievement, growth, serenity of mind are certain factors which largely contribute towards making someone’s life amazing and thrilling. The important thing out here is that life is a precious gift and one should make the most of it. The art of joyful and happy living spreads the message that each individual is responsible for his own happiness. If one can stay happy alone, then only can he emanate that happiness to others around him. There are no set parameters to define an amazing life. For some, the riches and wealth make life amazing while for some others, it is just the satisfaction and peace of mind that is primarily important and is the key to a happy, fulfilling, and amazing life. However, an amazing life is a life wherein one can realize his dreams and have a sense of satisfaction.


Mike Messerli

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