Nurses Quotes & Sayings

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Nurses are god’s messengers, angels and all superlative words are fit for them. “Caring is the essence of nursing “said Jean Watson. Nurses take great care, shower love and affection on the sick and unknown, without expecting anything in return. Their care is unparallel and is the noblest of all professions. The ill in the hospital are partially cured by the medicine but the vast majority due to the motherly care and affection shown by the nurses. “Nurses-one of the few blessings of being ill “said Sara moss Wolfe. Who can forget the lady with the lamp, Florence Nightingale who offered treatment and solace to the soldiers wounded in the world war? It is a matter of debate whether the white uniform has given nurses their pure intention or since they are angles in heart, they wear white dresses. Anyhow, we salute the kindness of nurses and show our gratitude by sharing these quotes on nurses.



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