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Hatred is the feeling of very strong or intense dislike for someone or something. Hatred for someone arises because of several varying factors. You can have a clash of ego and opinions, which leads to a dispute in which you even go to the extent of insulting and abusing each other, As such, you just cannot tolerate each other’s sight and bear hatred for each other. Anyone who betrays you and breaks your faith is also disliked by you. You bear hatred for the person who just cannot be faithful towards you and cheated on you. Great achievers always have a hatred for failure, which is a part of their nature that drives them towards success. If you hate failure, you automatically strive for success with full force, concentration and dedication. Kenny Merchant had once remarked, “America and its allies are engaged in a war against a terrorist movement that spans all corners of the globe. It is sparked by radical ideologues that breed hatred, oppression, and violence against all of their declared enemies.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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