Soldiers Quotes & Sayings

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Soldiers are the personification of bravery and sacrifice as they fight on the war front for their brethrens to live peacefully in the country. A soldier never hesitates to face a battle because as Tupac Shakur said, “a coward dies a thousand deaths…a soldier dies but once”. But pathetically, it is the soldier who fights and earns victory in the battle but all the appreciation and credit goes to the generals. This is acknowledged well by Napoleon Bonaparte who said, “Soldiers generally win battles; generals get credit for them “. The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self confidence, utter, complete and bumptious. The fervor of bravery and patriotism runs in their bloodline and they put the well being of their family and children in the backseat with their vision and ambition only on the war front. So, it is only apt that we salute the soldiers for their selfless service. Here is a collection of quotes on soldiers. Read them, it enhances your respect for them.



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