Abuse Of Power Quotes & Sayings

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Abuse of power is a very dangerous thing since it has the capability to boomerang any time. The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse, says the proverb. If the person in power does not possess high qualities like love, charity, kindness and so on, he or she is sure to abuse the power vested upon.

Abuse of power is one kind of expression of the barbaric nature that remains hidden. It can also be termed as an act of cowardice because power can be abused only against those who are less powerful or inferior in status. So, it does not come under the category of bravery or might. The following quotes on abuse of power gives a clear insight and sayings of great people who have witnessed the abuse of power or have tasted its bitterness. It is also a lesson for those who wish to abuse power, be it at home, country or working place.



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