Procrastination Quotes & Sayings

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Procrastination is the thief of time is the famous proverb. Anything action that has been put off for tomorrow, has its own repercussions and we will repent for it. It makes us lose a golden opportunity and since time waits for none, we will never get back that opportunity again in this competitive world. We have no one to blame than ourselves for procrastination because basically, it is the lethargy, negligence and carelessness that results in procrastination. So, procrastination is suicide on the installment plan. If you procrastinate an action that has to be done today, it will return multifold tomorrow with a lot of burden which will be hard to be carried out. There are many reasons to complete a job today and there is not a single reason to procrastinate it for tomorrow. A stitch in time saves nine, we say. Hence, there should not be an iota of negligence or thought of procrastination. Read these quotes on procrastination; they are inspirational.



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