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Being wrong implies being at fault. To err is human implies that none of us is perfect and is bound to make some or the other mistake. So, there is nothing huge about being wrong. One is supposed to make mistakes and commits follies at times. When you are wrong, you should humbly admit that you are at fault rather than defending your mistake and not accepting it. The best part about being wrong and making a mistake is that there are always lessons learnt in the process. Moreover, you can also compensate for a mistake in some or the other way. But mistakes should not be repeated and you should not build up on your mistakes or follies. To err is human, but to remain in that error is certainly stupid. So, learn from mistakes because you simply cannot avoid being wrong at times. Just don’t pile up your mistakes. The objective is to learn and become better by minimizing the numbers of errors or faults committed and maximizing one’s efficiency. Harlan Ellison, “I hate being wrong, but I love it when I'm set straight.”


DrAnil Kumar Sinha

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