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A redneck girl is a female that is stereotyped in the same way that a Redneck Guy would be. Redneck is a term describing people who are usually of the Caucasian race and who are also from the Southern part of the United States. Though this term was originally introduced to the country as a derogatory word, many people have embraced this term and call themselves it proudly with a sense of pride. The term redneck girl refers to those of the redneck stereotype that happen to be women as well. The stereotypical characteristics of a redneck girl differ everywhere but are mostly known for speaking with a country accent, wearing cowboy hats, wearing either cowboy boots or no shoes at all, wearing daisy dukes, and a lot of times a redneck girl is characterized as always being pregnant. The term redneck is thought to have been around for a few hundred years to describe white laborers who received sunburn from working outside in the sun all day, in a period in which the more pale a person was the more respected that they seemed to be.


Alec Straub

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