Misfortune Quotes & Sayings

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Misfortune adds spice to life because if everything goes on well and smooth in life, it would not be interesting. We should take misfortunes in their stride and try to scoff at them. It also gives an opportunity to know the character of people. “Misfortune tests friends and detects enemies ‘says Dorothy parker. It is human nature to exaggerate misfortune and feel as if they are the first person to experience such a misfortune. But this is not true. If we practice the habit of seeing an angel’s face in every cloud, life will be much happier and more pleasant. To put it more bluntly and in a funny way, “we do not make a hue and cry of misfortunes as long as it happens to others. “when two laugh it is certain a misfortune has happened-to a third’ said Charles Jerningham. No misfortune is new, people have undergone them before so take them in the lightest manner possible and even this phase will pass away.



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