Single Mom Quotes & Sayings

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A single mom is a lone mother who takes up the entire responsibility of raising her children post a divorce or the demise of her husband. Being a single mother is a very challenging task as the mother has to be financially sound enough to provide for all the basic needs of the children. Being a female, a single mother can make up for the father's absence by providing intensive care and warmth to her children. But the other needs of her children, i.e. providing them all the basic amenities which are necessary for their upbringing and education is only possible if the single mother has a lucrative and satisfying job. A single mom should be efficient enough to manage her professional and parental duties well and not let one role suffer because of the other. A single mom needs to be emotionally strong and project herself as an epitome of strength before her children. This way the children will surely not miss their father.


Sonya Parker

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