Single Mother Quotes & Sayings

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A single mother is a single parent to her children. Being a single mother is quite challenging for any woman as she needs to be financially well-equipped so as to be able to take good care of her children. Plus, the role of a single mother requires double-hatting as well because the single mother has to somehow ensure that her children don't feel as if they are missing out on their father's love. A single mother has to be very strong at heart so that she can keep herself calm and happy even if she misses her spouse. A single mother who is not at peace cannot take good care of her children or keep them happy. Being a single mother is quite a task and a woman can be a great single mother only is she feels financially, emotionally and physically fit. A woman who takes up this challenging role should be ready to bear the normal irritation and trouble which is a part and parcel of a single mother's life.


Sonya Parker

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