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Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love and courtship. Historically, the term "romance" originated from the medieval ideal of chivalry as set out in its Romance literature. In the words of Thora Birch, “For me, romance isn't an over-the-top act. It's someone offering to help and to support me. Or if that person thinks I'm making the wrong decision, he'll tell me. I want him to be honest, because being that honest takes a lot of guts.” Romance is the expression of one’s love or deep emotional desires for another person. It is a soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another. In the words of Ryan Gosling,” For me, I sort of felt like it was kind of a fairytale... but an interesting one. I don't know of anybody who has had a romance quite like this, but I certainly know people who have stuck it out.”


Tapan Ghosh

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