Sympathy Quotes & Sayings

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Sympathy is the kindness or compassion shown for the deserving. People in distress need sympathy. Those who are destitute and left all alone need sympathy. Mother Teresa was the embodiment of sympathy. Sympathy cannot be purchased or brought under compulsion it comes from the heart, from within. Children should be taught to sympathise with the poor so that charitable nature gets hold in them at an early stage. When a friend or other is in trouble, words of sympathy will help a long way to come out of the distress. “The secret of language is the secret of sympathy and its full charm is possible only to the gentle” are the words of John Ruskin. Words of sympathy are a healing factor for the convalescent people. It is found that sympathetic and encouraging words are highly influential in curing diseases. Read these quotes on sympathy and they are useful to be sent to friends or others who need them in times of distress.



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