Oppression Quotes & Sayings

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Oppression is domination by the powerful on the less powerful and has been in existence ever since the birth of humanity. This world is a place for the survival of the fittest and man started dominating and oppressed other species he raised to a higher level. But the feeling of oppression is prevalent in man and now he continues to oppress his fellow humans. This is almost tyranny as those in power try to oppress the masses. “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever” said martin Luther king Jr. several leaders have fought for the freedom and equal rights of the oppressed people. Oppression when done in a continuous manner will tend to boomerang as it would give the suppressed great mental strength. “The more they are suppressed, the larger they get”. The freedom struggle in India where oppression was overcome through non violence is history here is a collection of quotes on oppression given by political leaders and famous personalities.



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