Concern Quotes & Sayings

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Concern is felt when a matter arises which we can relate to and which invites our focus or attention. We feel concerned about something which interests us and holds some importance in our lives. Concern can be shown in several ways. One tends to get into the roots of the matter of concern, tries to find solutions to deal with it if it is a troublesome matter. Concern is always felt for our friends, near and dear ones, siblings and parents. One is always concerned about those whom we are attached or related to. Concern can also drive one into anxiety or worry when the attachment or bond with any person is too strong. But concern should never take the form of anxiety. In the words of Pythagoras, "Concern should drive us into action and not into depression. No man is free who cannot control himself”. Here is a compilation of quotes on concern given by great thinkers and read them to ponder over.


William E Lewis Jr

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