Young Mother Quotes & Sayings

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A Young mother is an epitome of strong will power and strength. When compared to older mother, she is much stronger and stable. The young mom juggles her role as a daughter, mother, wife and homemaker with great ease. Being a young mom is not an easy task but the tendency to fight it until the last helps her blow all the hurdles, be it financial or emotional, in to a fine mist. A young mother learns from her mistakes and is determined to grow her baby in to a stronger individual. She treasures, loves her baby and wants only the best for her bundle of joy. It is said that, “The moment a child is born, the mother is also born”. She never blames her baby for ruining her life but continues to dream even bigger with her baby knitted in it. She is mentally tough to block away all the sad or inferior feelings and grows stronger emotionally.



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