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Family is the basic bondage that ties all the members and as such, only if the family values are given due importance, the nation as a whole can flourish. A nation is similar to a building consisting of thousands of bricks where each brick is a family. It is the responsibility of both the parents to value the sentiments of each member of the family. Upbringing of children is vital to bring a harmonious peaceful atmosphere and the experienced will agree that it is not an easy job. Marilyn French says, “To nourish children and raise them against odds is, in any time, any place more valuable than to fix bolts in cars or doing nuclear weapons”. The family atmosphere must be made amicable to bring out every members ideas, wishes, thoughts and feelings openly. It is the first place where the children learn to abide by the rules, limit their wishes and consider the rights and needs of others. Hence family values are very crucial in a healthy family atmosphere. Here are quotes on family values, read them and cherish them.


Terry Mark

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