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Being fat is all about fighting the battle of the bulge. One of the worst things that can happen to a human being is he or she putting on oodles of weight and seeming like one disfigured and out of shape person. Being fat is not at all a good thing from your health as well as mental point of view. Those who are a yard and half around the equator or simply what we call “obese” can be an easy victim of several kinds of health problems. They live life being teased by all for their fat, buxom bodies. Being fat has several other problems associated with it. One does not look good in dresses when one is fat or obese. One cannot wear all kinds of clothes and one’s choice of clothes for one’s wardrobe simply narrows down to lose clothes which make one look all the more fat. Being fat can be avoided by indulging in regular exercises and eating a balanced and proportional diet. Eat well and have a healthy lifestyle to avoid those extra kilos which can certainly spoil your body shape and make you look like a bundled mass. Camryn Manheim had remarked, “Almost everything I do is related to being fat”



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