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Real woman is a woman characterised by the purity of her thoughts and character .In the words of Gywinita Lexington, “A real woman is true to herself. She holds her head high. She doesn't waddle in pity, or sit back and cry”. A real woman is a survivor, someone who is truly independent. A real woman personifies courage, grace and simplicity. A real woman has that ‘never say die’ attitude someone who toils throughout irrespective of the results and ultimately ends up achieving the pinnacle of success. The question before us pretty obvious, “Do real women really exist today?” The answer is that the above stated characteristics seem like things of the past and perhaps in the modern day context a real woman is quite close to a ‘myth’. The modern day definition instead would be someone who is beautiful, sexy, confident, and intelligent and not to forget someone who keeps on piling her shopping trolleys.



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