Being Cheated On Quotes & Sayings

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Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings to experience in someone’s life. Not only will it anger you to know that your lover was unfaithful, but it will also make you sad to know that someone who you were loyal to wasn’t respectful enough of you or your feelings enough not to betray you by cheating on you. Remember that when you are being cheated on, or after that you don’t deserve to be betrayed in such a manner. Never be scared to live life as a single person. Doing so might be painful at first but in the end will pay off tremendously when you find someone who will never betray your trust, and who treats you as special as you should be treated. Being cheated on may not be a thrilling experience but try to remain positive, and remember that you and your feelings should never be put on the back burner, and remember to use it as a learning experience so that if you do experience it again at least you will recognize the warning signs, and will also be better equipped mentally to handle the situation.


Tammi Post

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