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Bored is a term used to indicate monotony and disinterest in any activity. One gets bored of something which seems to be quite a routine and repetitive kind of an activity. A hectic and routine schedule may turn monotonous and boring and might end up making you feel extremely clumsy. When one gets bored of something, he or she badly needs a change of atmosphere or routine work so as to kill his monotony and revive interest in work. When one feels bored and fed up of all the daily routine and repetitive chores, he should go for a sabbatical and spend some time to indulge in some kind of pleasure and other such fun activities which provide a refreshing change and revitalize his nerves. Boredom eventually makes us give up the root cause of boredom entirely. According to Amber Tamblyn, “lot of young poets today, from what I've heard and experienced, can't get their heads past George W. Bush, and I've heard so many poems about this democracy and this era of politics that I'm kind of bored by it.”


Sonya Parker

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