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Consistency is defined as the harmonious uniformity or agreement among different parts/components constituting one particular thing. Consistency is defined as the property of a substance to hold itself together and retain its shape. An argument is said to be consistent if it bears logical coherence and accordance with the facts. Consistency is the attribute of a logical system that is so constituted that none of the propositions deduced from the axioms contradict one another. To be consistent implies to be in harmony. When it comes to consistency of performance, it implies maintaining your performance over a period. Inconsistent performance is marked by vicissitudes and there is no uniformity. However, a consistent performer is someone who performs with consistency. Consistency of performance is always a boon. Teams always choose players for matches based on their consistent records of accomplishment. Great champions or legends are always revered for the consistency that they show over a long period.


Jen Ramsey

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