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An example is the most useful way of explaining a thing. This is true for any puzzle, education or a personality. Examples of great persons are influential for others to follow. Few things are harder to put up than a good example. If following the example of great men is difficult, it is really an impossible task to set an example. As Albert Einstein said, ‘setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means’. This is particularly useful in the case of bringing up children because the parents are the first examples of children and they try to emulate them, almost naturally. So, the parents should be more worried that the children are watching them always and behave such that they set an example to their children. “Example has more followers than reason” said Christian bovee. Even those who resist taking advice from others will not fail to follow the example. Here are numerous quotes on example; follow them.


Aditya Shah

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