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We are destined to live in the present. Present is real, it s in our hands and as solid as a rock. Human life is unpredictable. We do not know what may happen tomorrow. The present that is on hand is the only evidence that we are living in. “yesterday is history; tomorrow is mystery, today is god’s gift that’s why we call it the present’ are the famous words of Joan Rivers. If we live our present to the satisfaction of our conscience, the past and the future will take care of themselves. We will not have anything to repent about the past and the future will be a secure one, if the present is good. Surprisingly, this is the attitude of children and that is why they are always happy, smiling and gay without any worries. The present is the most powerful and the most influential. Man has no right to rewrite history which is impossible, he is not the all- powerful Almighty to predict or judge the future. So, his life is confined only to the present which he has to carry out with all sincerity and do justice to it. Share these quotes on present given by various thinkers and philosophers as they are worth reading.


Terry Mark

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