Heartbroken Quotes & Sayings

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Heartbroken is a term used to describe something or someone who is stricken with grief and sorrow. A person who is heartbroken may be heartbroken for many of reasons. The main reason a person may be heartbroken is because of a loss in a relationship with a person with whom a lot of love is/was shared. The loss of relationship could be as a result of a death, a break-up or some other sort of falling out. People also feel heartbroken when other circumstances do not work out as they expect. People experience an enormous amount of pain when plans that they have worked on for their whole lifetime do not pan out as they expected. There are many other reasons why a person may be heartbroken, all in all, nobody enjoys the experience of the pain of being heartbroken, and if it is at all possible we should all work hard and try our best to avoid it.


Jessel Jane Zozobrado

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