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"Free will" implies freedom in making one's own choices and having the discretion to take independent decisions. Free will implies no restraint when it comes to taking decisions and moving forward. People need to develop free will so that they can take their own decisions in life without needing someone else's aid. People with "free will" don't like to be checked or restrained by external forces or someone else's will. People with a free will like to live life on their own terms and independently. When someone tries to check their freedom, they don't take that sportingly at all. People with a free will don't liked their freedom to be restricted and cannot tolerate people who try to encroach upon their freedom. It is always preferable if you leave such a person live life on his own as per his own sweet will and let him take his own decisions. The more you try to control them and curtail their freedom, the more you will repel such people.


RJ Intindola

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