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In English slang a home wrecker is defined as a person who is willing to have relations with someone whom they know is already involved with someone else with the intention of destroying the relationship that this person has at their home. Home wrecker’s are frowned upon by most in Western Civilization because they are thought to not have much class, self-respect or dignity. Home wrecker’s can be male or female and the person that they usually help cheat with are those who are married or who are very involved with their first significant other. A home wrecker doesn’t give too much thought into how he or she may help destroy a number of relationships by seeing someone who is already taken, and proceed without caution in order to get the things they want. A home wrecker may also be defined as someone who moves into a home with another person and damages the value of the property by purposeful destruction, and by just being a person who refuses to clean their own messes.


Nishan Panwar

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