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Funny gay is a homosexual person who stays happy with his life and maintains a carefree attitude towards everyone. Being a homosexual male, a funny gay has sex relations with another male and does not let his homosexuality disrupt his mental state of balance. A funny gay accepts life the way it is and takes his homosexuality in his stride. In several countries across the world, gays face a lot of negligence and disrespect in the society for embracing homosexuality. Homosexuality is not an accepted in many countries throughout the world. Gay marriage is banned in many countries throughout the world. Gay union is treated with contempt and disgrace. Gays are also ostracized in many countries. Funny gay pictures, quotes, maxims, t-shirts are all available online. Funny gays treat life as it comes and take all the contempt that they get from the society lightly, in order to lead a carefree and joyful life.

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