Getting High Quotes & Sayings

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Getting high is the feeling of getting intoxicated. You feel a sense of getting high when you are highly drunk and you start losing control over your mind and body, too. Getting high while boozing on parties and occasions is normal but one should avoid regular consumption of liquor. Getting high every other day will only ruin your system. So, avoid alcohol on a regular basis. Many people consume alcohol to escape loneliness and get out of depression. But one should understand that the real purpose behind alcohol consumption should be drinking for a purpose and to spread cheer and joy all around. You should not get high and consume alcohol to lessen your sadness. Remember, all the havoc is in the mind and you can't lessen your pain by consuming something like liquor. Getting high and thereby creating a scene won't solve matters for you. It might just compound your problems.


Bernajoy Vaal

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