Stoner Quotes & Sayings

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The word stoner has many interpretations. Stoner is a person who takes drugs regularly, especially marijuana in high quantities. The person is said to be on a ‘high’ after taking too much of marijuana. Stoners are habitually intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Stoner is the one that stones. The term was much popularised due to its use for the iconic singers of the past namely Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley. Stoner in a much general sense can also be used to refer to a person who weirdly makes assault with stones. Stoner is also a tool for removing stones from fruit. Stoner is also a person or thing that weighs a specified number of stones. Excerpts from the poem penned by Bob Marley, “Stoners live and stoners die, but in the end we all get high. So if in life you don't succeed, just fish it all and smoke some weed!”



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