Human Rights Quotes & Sayings

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Human rights are a great concern in countries where they are crushed. In down trodden countries, humans are denied even the basic right of speech, freedom of expression and right to get their basic amenities. All humans are equal and it is insane to discriminate them based on their skin color, birth or nationality. Even the well educated and the sophisticated make such mistakes even after great revolution led by leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi. When the lesser mortals are oppressed, it is sure to blow up one day whose magnitude cannot be tolerated by those who oppress them. “Human beings have rights inherent in that reality. You have dignity and worth that exists prior to law “said Lyn Beth neylon. So, even the laws framed by the so called partiality –prone leaders do not have the right to snatch away the human rights of those who deserve.


Ragnard Redbeard

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