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The post of presidency is a very powerful, influential, responsible and tiring job, especially if it is for big nations like the United States. The presidency has the power to decide the fate of so many other nations and it is not always a bed of roses and at times it’s like sitting on the seat of thorns. “A president’s hardest task is not to do what is right but to know what is right’ said Lyndon B Johnson. The president has not only the responsibility to satisfy the citizens who have voted him to power and do all the needful that they want but he also has to tackle the opposition parties who wait for an opportunity to take dig at him and topple him anytime. There is very little time left for personal life and needs untiring and self less effort to lead the nation towards development and progress. He receives more brickbats than bouquets. Here is given a number of quotes on presidency and sayings by famous presidents.


Sonya Parker

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