Rebellion Quotes & Sayings

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Rebellion is resurgence or mutiny by a group of people against, more commonly a government or one in power. Rebellion takes place only when there is hatred and dissatisfaction among people. If this is the state, it must be immediately attended to because any rebellion cannot be suppressed y force. Even if force is used against them, it is sure to backfire. Generally, rebellion occurs against the greedy and power hungry and hence is almost always justified. “Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to god “said Benjamin Franklin. All revolutions that have been recorded in history have started from the uprising by the common public and hence if the ruler satisfies the just and right privileges of his citizens, rebellion can be avoided. People involved in rebellion have only one goal and do not care for reasons or prayers. Hence, it is a sword that has to be dealt with carefully. Here is collection of quotes on rebellion.


Joshua Aaron Guillory

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