Equality Quotes & Sayings

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Equality is often obtained only after a long struggle whether it is for rights, equality for women as against men or what not. All people are created equal but when the difference crops up, it is being exploited to the core and equality is attained after the depressed raise their voice and struggle hard to get it. Aristotle once said, “Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons”. The history has seen many demonstrations and happenings when equality of opportunities was not served. Time and again women have proved that if equality of opportunities are provided, they can par excel men in all walks of life. Now it is a consoling fact that the scenario is slowly changing for the better with more and more countries offering equality to women and as Kofi Annan said,” women’s equality is a prerequisite for development of any country”. So, as charity begins at home, quality should be first practiced at home and then spread to the country. Here are quotes on equality and send them to your friends and share their feelings.


John Locke

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