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Consequences mean the outcome or repercussions of any incident or event. Any event can result in positive or negative consequences. Only those actions are fruitful which have noble intentions. Any deed done with noble intentions in mind is bound to have positive consequences or outcomes. Reinhold Niebuhr has rightly said, “All human sin seems too much worse in its consequence than in its intentions.” Consequences can be negative if while executing a task, things go wrong. When an event occurs, its consequences are never fixed. So, it is desirable that one should do a work in mind without thinking of its consequences or repercussions. One should just put in all efforts sincerely and expect the best to happen. One should give in our best and let God do the rest. Never think of the consequences of our actions or efforts. If our efforts our honest, then the consequences will always be positive and fruitful.


William E Lewis Jr

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