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A military wife is the wife of an active or inactive member of the military, who actively acknowledges their experiences because of the military. A military wife can be the wife of anyone in any branch of the military including the Army, the Marines, the Navy, Air Force, or the National Guard. The life of a military wife is usually a very hard one. Military wives have to suffer while their spouses are deployed for long periods of time, and are never 100% certain that their spouses will ever return. The emotional stress put upon a military wife is very intense especially in times of combat and heavy battle. Most women who are wives of military men also sacrifice a lot of their dreams in order to be there for the families that their spouses must leave behind in order to fulfill their duties to the American people. Any woman who can call herself a military wife is a wife that should be honored, and thanked by the American people for all of the sacrifices that they must make on a daily basis.


Sarah Moores

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