Population Quotes & Sayings

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Population is the number of inhabitants of a specific currently or the whole world in general. The time has come to worry about population explosion and its effects. Population is not evenly distributed and is dense in some places and sparse in others, depending upon the living conditions. If all the people are to get good basic amenities and a comfortable standard of living, it is crucial to keep the population under control. For this, there should be awareness among the people and as Art Hoppe said, “we all worry about the population explosion but we don’t worry about it at the right time “. The government is taking serious measures in countries like China and India to control over population. With limited resources available, it is obvious that we have to limit our population in order to get equal opportunities in life for everyone. Ruth Ranking humorously remarks “the government is concerned about the population explosion and the population is concerned about the government explosion”. Let us bring awareness by citing these quotes on population.



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